• 0x01 前言


    Powershell-RAT Python based backdoor that uses Gmail to exfiltrate data as an e-mail attachment

    Python-Rootkit Python Remote Administration Tool (RAT) to gain meterpreter session


    Use your social engineer skills to make him open the file这句话逗笑了,精髓啊

  • 0x01 什么是ICMP
    ICMP:Internet控制报文协议。由于IP协议并不是一个可靠的协议,它不保证数据被成功送达,那么,如何才能保证数据的可靠送达呢? 这里就需要使用到一个重要的协议模块ICMP(网络控制报文)协议。它传递差错报文以及其他需要注意的信息,经常供IP层或更高层协议(TCP或UDP)使用。所以它经常被认为是IP层的一个组成部分
  • 原文地址 https://azeria-labs.com/

    The cyber espionage “investigations” has become popular within the information security industry and resulted in easy marketing opportunities of research reports about Advanced Persistent Threats along with headlines of “nation-state attack”. Apart from the purpose of APT research report marketing, the term “APT” itself got generalized for the sake of convenience. However, this was done at the expense of accuracy and greater

  • 网闸的工作原理是什么?


  • Nmap Full Web Vulnerable Scan

    cd /usr/share/nmap/scripts/
    wget http://www.computec.ch/projekte/vulscan/download/nmap_nse_vulscan-2.0.tar.gz && tar xzf nmap_nse_vulscan-2.0.tar.gz
    nmap -sS -sV --script=vulscan/vulscan.nse target
    nmap -sS -sV --script=vulscan/vulscan.nse –script-args vulscandb=scipvuldb.csv target
    nmap -sS -sV --script=vulscan/vulscan.nse –script-args vulscandb=scipvuldb.csv -p80 target
    nmap -PN -sS -sV --script=vulscan –script-args vulscancorrelation=1 -p80 target
    nmap -sV --script=vuln target
    nmap -PN -sS -sV --script=all –script-args vulscancorrelation=1 target